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About Me

I am an Executive Coach & Adventurer who inspires, empowers, and helps YOU soar to greatness!

I believe the three most important ingredients of a life FILLED with joy are: well-being, growth, and alignment.

As an Executive Coach, I believe we have control over what we create in life and how we respond to it. The choices we make either empower or hinder our growth. 

After spending many years in the government and corporate sectors, I realized it was time for me to explore life’s endless possibilities, elsewhere. In 2013, I founded Marisol M. Rodriguez LLC and joined an exciting industry focused on developing motivated, self-starter and audacious leaders seeking to increase their confidence to lead, boost their organizational impact, and focus on strategic issues.

I’m known for my integrity, authenticity, and ebullient personality. And, when it comes to creating new businesses, from idea to full implementation, you can count on me to provide the kind of expertise and sincere feedback that will generate innovative results.

Clients, colleagues, and those who know me best will tell you: “Marisol is a true leader; empathetic and genuine when it comes to supporting others in achieving their goals.” In fact, they’ll say that whether I’m speaking in front of a large audience, teaching, or coaching there’s always an air of excitement and energy! I’m a confident and bold adventurer who is ready to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection that will transform your life!

I am an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC) and a registered ICF Mentor Coach

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