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Marisol Rodriguez is a very passionate and committed human performance coach. I am always impressed with her coaching mastery. She has a very tuned listening that enables her to cut through to the heart of the matter. This skill makes Marisol very proficient coach. She has taught me a lot as a mentor coachSteve Sanders (Program Management) United States

Marisol Rodriguez is one of the most courageous and insightful people I know. This courage, insight and concern for the quality of life for her fellow man has made her a thought leader in the coaching field. I have had the benefit of working with Marisol for the last 6 months and have found true benefit in our time together. She has the uncanny ability to ask the questions that will lead you to your own personal truth. She helps clients facilitate their own internal dialogue to come to the decision that best suits that individual. She has had proven success in federal and private sectors alike. I cannot overstate the skill that Marisol possesses. It is for these reasons that I would unequivocally recommend Marisol for your coaching needs. --Shaunda Ross- PMP, MBA, MS, (Director of Project Management and Application Development) United States

Marisol's signature style of pushing, challenging and yet supporting is a beautiful combination. She met me where I was, she gave me space and time to find my own answers. She exudes warmth through her smile and infectious laughter. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to go deep and develop transformative insights about themselves.Ritu Gupta Mehrish, (Singapore)

I've worked and partnered with Marisol for the last several years to create a coaching culture within the Federal space. Marisol also was one of the individuals on the ground floor in creating the Federal Coach Network. She also partnered with me on the HHS Internal Coach Boot Camp and the Federal Internal Coach Training Programs. She has great passion for helping people reach their goals, greatness and potential. She has a direct coaching style and shows strong advocacy for her clients' well-being and success. I've been the recipient of her coaching as well. She has a systems view of leadership and executive development, which is evident in her management consulting and OD work. I recommend Marisol as an executive coach, leadership developer, business coach and program manager.Alan Lee Myers, MA, PCC (Executive & Leadership Coach Strategist) United States

Marisol is a great coach who keeps her clients focused on actions, she is challenging and fun to work with. Thanks very much MarisolZsofia Juhasz, ACC  (Australia)

Marisol has extensive knowledge in the practice of executive coaching and leadership development. I met Marisol during the Federal Internal Coaching Bootcamp Program in 2014 and found her to be a tremendous resource. Her coaching knowledge is quite extensive and her experience in executive coaching, business coaching, leadership development, and professional development has been instrumental in the implementation of an internal coaching program. As an executive and business coach, Marisol values holding the client and developing coach accountable for their goals. She is also generous with sharing coaching resources to help developing coaches, model professionalism in the delivery of their coaching services. Denise Bailey-Jones, PhD (Organizational Psychologist) United States

Marisol is a gift, as she taught me how valuable feedback is. She also helped me see how important vision, feelings, emotions, and beliefs are to achieving the life balance, personally and professionally, that I was seeking. Truly a change agent, through the questions, really tough challenging, yet insightful questioning, was I able to see that my responsibility begins and ends with my self. I so appreciate having Marisol as a life coach at this point in my life. I found her style as engaging, challenging, and trusted her on my self-discovery journey. Lisa Lauxman (Director) United States

Marisol is an excellent coach. Her personal approach is unique and for the entirety of her coaching sessions, the client feels that he/she is truly her focus. Her use of personal examples to explain a point is a unique coaching technique and is extremely effective. I will continue to use the life lessons I gained from my interaction with her and hope to continue the relationship well past our official coaching sessions. Steve P. (Chief of Staff) United States

Marisol is an excellent coach for those highly motivated clients who are ready to change and answer powerful and sometimes difficult questions. Marisol is focused on helping her clients learn and grow. Her personal integrity and passion for coaching is evident. She will turn away a client if they are not "ready" for coaching but stands ready to reengage in the future. Marisol helps her coachees find their own path by asking the right questions, encouraging them to tackle difficult issues with honesty, exploring change, and embracing new & challenging experiences. She helps you imagine things that you might believe impossible without judgment, but with an open, hopeful mind.Rashmi Bartlett (Director, Regional Operations and Program Integrity) United States

I have had the opportunity to work with Marisol for almost 10 years as a colleague in the US Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau. I have observed the high level of professionalism and application of valuable skills she has gathered in project management and in the development and evaluation of training and educational tools to improve the delivery of HIV care systems across the United States. Marisol is an accomplished professional and innovative thinker with valuable project management and communication skills suitable for organizational development, educational, workforce and system improvements for organizations willing to adapt their operational and business models to the new demands of the 21st century. --Adan Cajina II (Chief, Special Projects of National Significance) United States

I worked alongside Marisol for nine years in the Division of Training and Technical Assistance. Not only was she a valued colleague because of her critical eye and innovative thinking, but for her ability to help one get to the root of the problem when they were "stuck" or hit a road block on a project. She is thorough, detail oriented, and able to multi-task, has direct communication skills and is always willing to act as a sounding board. I found Marisol to be a true asset to our work environment.Helen Rovito (Senior Program Advisor) United States

Marisol is very energetic and always looking for a way to improve performance, process and people. When she engages in a project, she works hard to make it successful. Often she brings a new way of looking at situations; bringing about creative solutions to the current problem at hand. She is unafraid of challenges, and always strives for excellence.-- Helen Sullivan Young (Learning Designer/Leadership Trainer) United States

Marisol is a highly competent leader who demonstrates the ability to effectively lead teams to accomplish objectives well ahead of schedule. Her capacity to recruit & empower other effective leaders is a key strength. Marisol utilizes volunteers from a variety of diverse backgrounds to produce outcomes which exceed expectations. She employs a communication style which is both direct and encouraging. Finally, I recommend Marisol as a highly effective leader who generates an environment for others to contribute their best to achieve team results well beyond expectations.  Bryan Wintersteen PCC, United States




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